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K-Pop's resident rock/pop girl group, in bite-sized chunks

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Debut: January 13th, 2017
Members: 7
Company: Dreamcatcher Company (formerly Happyface Entertainment)
# of Album Releases: 26 (Full Discography)
Fandom Name: InSomnia ("In Dreams")
Concept: World-building, dark, dramatic, and emotional stylings
Music: Rock/Pop core, hybridized with other music types


(Kim Minji/김민지)
-Birthday: May 17th, 1994
-Role: Leader, Lead Dancer
-Sample Clip: "I Love You 3000"

(Han Dong/韓東)
-Birthday: March 26th, 1996
-Role: Sub Vocalist
-Sample Clip: "Proof of Heartbeat"

(Kim Bora/김보라)
-Birthday: August 10th, 1994
-Role: Main Dancer
-Sample Clip: "Copycat"

(Kim Yoohyeon/김유현)
-Birthday: January 7th, 1997
-Role: Lead Vocalist
-Sample Clip: "2002"

(Lee Siyeon/이시연)
-Birthday: October 1st, 1995
-Role: Main Vocalist
-Sample Clip: "Paradise"

(Lee Yubin/이유빈)
-Birthday: March 7th, 1997
-Role: Main Rapper
-Sample Clip: "Once Upon a Time"

(Lee Gahyeon/이가현)
-Birthday: February 3rd, 1999
-Role: Lead Rapper, Maknae
-Sample Clip: "Vanishing Paycheck"


For full discography, including Japanese releases, singles, and OSTs, you can find the list in the non TL;DR Dreamcatcher Guide.

Comeback EraAlbumDate
Chase MeNightmareJanuary 13th, 2017
GOOD NIGHTFall Asleep In The MirrorApril 5th, 2017
Fly HighPrequelJuly 27th, 2017
You And IEscape the ERAMay 10th, 2018
WhatAlone in the CitySeptember 20th, 2018
PIRIThe End of NightmareFebruary 13th, 2019
Deja VuRaid of DreamSeptember 18th, 2019
ScreamDystopia: The Tree of LanguageFebruary 18th, 2020
BOCADystopia: Lose MyselfAugust 17th, 2020
Odd EyeDystopia: Road to UtopiaJanuary 26th, 2021
BEcauseSummer HolidayJuly 30th, 2021
MaisonApocalypse: Save UsApril 12th, 2022

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